Workshop - A Winter Practice ~ Held at Tenleytown

Fridays, 12:00-1:15pm. Practice sequences that generate warmth, cultivate joy, and provide an uplifting, buoyant quality to our bodies and minds during the chillier days of winter. Location: Tenleytown (DC)   » learn more

FEBRUARY 21, 28, MARCH 7, 14
Workshop - The Sacroiliac Joint: Basic Anatomy and Function

Wednesdays, 5:00-6:00pm. The SI joint is involved in just about every yoga pose we practice. We will look at the basic anatomy of the SI Joint, what leads to instability, how to correct it and how to work in the asanas safely. Location: Arlington   » learn more

FEBRUARY 25, MARCH 4, 11, 18
Workshop - Osteoporosis Yoga Short Course

Sundays, 3:00-5:00pm. Learn key poses and actions of yoga with osteoporosis, learn now to practice and how to avoid movements that may cause injury. Location: Bethesda   » learn more

Workshop - Advanced Pranayama with Doerthe

Friday, 8:30-9:30am. Refine, deepen, and maintain your pranayama practice. For those who have completed Pranayama Level IV. Location: Bethesda   » learn more

Workshop - Advanced Pranayama with John Schumacher

Sunday. Level V (2:30-4pm) is for those who have completed Level IV or have extensive training in the Iyengar approach to pranayama. Level VI (4:15-5:45pm) is for those who have been practicing digital pranayama for two or more years. Location: Bethesda   » learn more

Discussion Group: Finding the Balance Between Effort and Surrender

Sunday, 6:45-8:30pm. Push through or back off? How are we to know where the appropriate edge is? Exploring these questions can awaken us to the depth and scope of the practice of yoga... Location: Bethesda   » learn more

MARCH 15, APRIL 12, MAY 17, JUNE 14
Benefit - The Gems of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

Thursdays, 12:15-1:30pm. Investigate the first two chapters of the Yoga Sutras. All are welcome! Location: Bethesda   » learn more