“I’ve heard some people complain that Unity Woods is too intense, as in, serious about yoga.  Well, I can’t disagree with that.  Unity Woods is a full-on Iyengar studio, and I think most of the instructors I’ve had...[More]

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Workshop – Yoga for 2

Date: December 3
When: 4:00-6:30pm
With: Rocky Delaplaine with Carolyn Bluemle
Cost: $60 / pair
Location: Bethesda

YOGA FOR 2 - Spring 2014 -2Sunday (4:00-6:30pm – Please note time has changed from what was published in Newsletter). Have fun exploring one of the most difficult of all yogas: the yoga of relationship. When we practice with a partner the shifts between balance and imbalance, support and challenge are more complicated when you practice with a partner. As relationships become playful, judgment fades and joy emerges. Poses can be modified to fit any body. The focus is less on the pose and more on what your interactions teach you.

Carolyn and Rocky bring a curiosity about what sustains a relationship over time, and a willingness to explore the challenges in their own friendship to this workshop. If you can’t find a partner we’ll try and find you one.



All this time

The sun never says to the earth

“You owe



What happens

With a love like that,

It lights the



~~ Hafiz

Carolyn Bluemle began her yoga practice in 1979 and has been teaching since 1989. She is Iyengar certified and has studied in India with the Iyengars and in Italy with Dona Holleman. She taught at Unity Woods Yoga Center for over 20 years with John Schumacher as her primary teacher before moving to Pacific Grove, CA. Holding a masters in Ancient Greek Philosophy from U.C Berkeley she also has a background in dance. Her meditation practice is in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. Her teaching is precise and enthusiastic, with humor and compassion. Her website: http://www.cbyoga.com