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Workshop – Stand on Your Own Two Feet: Part 2

Date: March 28, April 5
When: 5:00-6:00pm
With: Juliana Fair
Cost: $25 Drop In
Location: Arlington

Suzanne Y. Siguenza Vira IIIWednesdays. With a renewed understanding of how to stand on two legs, learned in Part 1, we are ready to move onto the one legged asanas, of which there are many. Balance is a complex concept. Using our judgement and reasoning (vijnanamayakosha), our breath (pranayama kosha), and our minds (manomaya kosha) we will see how these directly affect what we are doing with our anatomical bodies (annamaya Kosha). In this case… BALANCING! in more ways than one.

Prerequisite: Completeion of Level I