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Workshop – A Winter Practice ~ Held at Tenleytown

Date: February 16, 23, March 2
When: 12:00-1:15pm
With: Sonia Dovedy
Cost: $26.44 Drop In (DC tax included)
Location: Tenleytown (DC)

Fridays. Seasons change and so must our practice! In learning a variety of poses — standing, twists, backward extensions, and more — we will explore how the three qualities of nature, or gunas (sattva, rajas, and tamas) interact with our physical practice of asana. This four-week short course features sequences of poses that generate warmth, cultivate joy, and provide an uplifting, buoyant quality to our bodies and minds during the chillier days of winter. No Prerequisites.







Unity Woods is extremely happy to welcome Sonia Dovedy to our teaching family! Please come and join Sonia for this Short Course that is open to all!