“I was inspired to try this because of a Groupon…and I loved it! From the moment I walked in, the experience was different.  The class size was manageable …and  I could tell there was a strong bond of trust and even...[More]

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Workshop – Advanced Pranayama in May

Date: May 21
When: see description
With: John Schumacher
Cost: $40 each
Location: Bethesda

Sunday. For students with an established and experienced pranayama practice, these special classes are your opportunity to ask questions and try more advanced techniques with the guidance of a yoga master.

Prerequisites: For Level V, must have completed Level IV or have extensive training in the Iyengar approach to pranayama. For Level VI, must have practiced digital pranayama for two years or more.

Level V: 2:30-4:00 pm, $40

Level VI: 4:15-5:4 5pm, $40