“This is a studio that has been providing excellent yoga instruction long before the current trend, and it will continue to do so when other yoga studios have closed.” [Emily S.]

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Workshop – Introductory Series in April

Date: April 28, May 5
When: 12:00-1:15pm
With: Megan Bowles
Cost: $22 drop in
Location: Bethesda

Fridays. A four-week introduction to the fundamentals of yoga as taught at Unity Woods Yoga Center. Course assumes no previous experience.

This short course is appropriate for those who want to start classes in mid-session, or who want a briefer introduction to Yoga as taught at Unity Woods. We encourage students to enroll and attend all four classes in the series for a substantive understanding of the practice of yoga.

Note that because of the brief nature of Intro Series courses, there are no make-ups, discounts or refunds available. Students from regular asana classes may not do make ups in Short Courses.