“This is not trendy yoga. These are not some aerobics teachers that took a weekend training and now consider themselves ‘yoga teachers.’ This is for the serious study of yoga by a studio who has been doing this long before Madonna...[More]

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Discussion Group: Practice

Date: May 21
When: 6:45 - 8:30pm
With: John Schumacher
Cost: Free
Location: Bethesda

Sunday. Patanjali, BKS Iyengar, Rocky Delaplaine: all the great teachers emphasize the importance of practice. As we usually do in the spring discussion group, we’ll dig deep into the subject of practice and talk about how, what, when, why, problems, solutions, benefits, and more. If you practice, come share your experience; if you don’t, come share your thoughts about why and why not.

All are welcome. Refreshments will be served. FREE!