“I trek up to Bethesda once a week to attend John’s class and he has made adjustments that are so subtle no other teacher ever noticed – but that have transformed my practice.” [Kae W.]

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Discussion Group: Satya ~ Truth in the Post-Truth Alternative Fact Era

Date: March 12
When: 6:45-8:30 pm
With: John Schumacher
Cost: Free
Location: Bethesda

Sunday. Although most people think of asanas (postures) as the foundation of yoga practice, the cornerstones of classical yoga are ahimsa (non-harming) and satya (truth). Without truthfulness, we are adrift in a sea of doubt and confusion. Much is being made of “the end of facts” and “alternative facts” comments recently in the news. In this discussion we take a look at how this relates to yoga and how it might affect our practice?