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An Afternoon of Kirtan ~ Sacred Chanting to Music

Date: June 4
When: 4:30-6:00pm
With: Gita's Dream
Cost: Minimum Donation $10
Location: Arlington

Sunday. Join local Virginia’s Gita’s Dream and your Unity Woods Community at our Arlington studio for singing, drumming, immersing yourself in sounds, quieting the distractions of the minds, and turning us towards ourselves.

Enjoy light refreshments and Bring Your Family!! This special event is Open to ALL!

There is a Minimum Donation of $10 for this special event. (Your donation is an opportunity to practice selfless service, Seva.)


Gita’s Dream Kirtan donates ALL money from their Kirtans to organizations they have personal relationships with. These amazing groups help give children opportunities ateducation and a better life.

See: www.beyogayurt.com/gitasdream