“I came to Unity Woods as a complete beginner (and not a very coordinated or flexible one, either)- and have been so happy with the improvement in my strength and flexibility.   The staff is very accommodating for those of different...[More]

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How to Register

Note to DC Students: Classes (registrations and drop ins) will be charged a 5.75% tax to comply with the DC Tax law.

Unity Woods uses an online registration system for all classes and workshops. We encourage you to register online for several reasons:

  • Your place is assured, since credit card payment is processed right away
  • You will have a record of past classes and workshops
  • No registration pile-ups at our front desk—you just whisk right into class!

Online Registration

When you click to register for any of our courses or workshops, you will be taken to our separate online registration site and asked to log in. The first time you register, you’ll create a user ID and select a secure password. Each time you register for an event after that, simply log in at the start of your session.

>Click here to Register for Classes

>Click here to Register for Workshops

Drop Ins

Unity Woods does not require pre-registration for drop-ins or community classes. If you wish to drop into a class, please arrive in time to make payment and to ensure there is space for you in the class that night. (This is usually not a problem because of the ample size of our studio spaces.)

Paper Registration

If you prefer to register using a paper registration form, you may. Please be aware that checks and paper registrations take a bit of time to process. For some fast-filling classes and workshops that may make a difference.

PDF of Paper Registration.

Waiver of Liability

All new students must complete a Waiver of Liability form. These are available at our reception desks. Click here to print your waiver form (please bring it to the studio when you come to class).

Printable Class Registration Form