“…Unity Woods is peerless. Anyone in any physical condition can be confident of every teacher’s ability, training and knowledge to make correct adjustments…” [Patrice L.]

Fostering health, serenity, and awareness since 1979

How To Be Prepared

Session Schedule: Unity Woods classes are offered on a session schedule, similar to school semesters. You are welcome to drop in or enroll at any point during the session, however most classes build upon work done in previous weeks. That means students will achieve best results if classes are attended regularly from the beginning of a session. Please see our Course Descriptions page for details and exceptions.

Attire & changing: There are changing rooms at each studio. Wear clothing you can move in, but please, no baggy clothes that would obscure the alignment of your joints, especially knees and ankles. Bare feet are essential. Please refrain from wearing perfume.

Props: All necessary props are provided at each studio, but you are encouraged to bring your own mat.

Food: You’ll enjoy and benefit from class much more with an empty stomach.

Special needs: Please let your teacher know about any injuries or medical conditions you may be managing, especially those conditions that may not be apparent to the eye. That way our experienced teachers can help modify the poses for your benefit.

Be on time: Teachers begin each class with preparatory practices. It is disruptive to other students if you arrive late, and it may even be unsafe if you miss preparation for the poses. For your own benefit and that of others, you may be turned away if you arrive after the start of a class.

Do not come: It should go without saying, but please do not come if you have any contagious condition. You will be sharing the space, props and air with many other students.

Children: With the exception of Teen Yoga classes, the minimum age for class participation is 16. Unity Woods is not able to provide child care for younger children.