“I’ve heard some people complain that Unity Woods is too intense, as in, serious about yoga.  Well, I can’t disagree with that.  Unity Woods is a full-on Iyengar studio, and I think most of the instructors I’ve had...[More]

Fostering health, serenity, and awareness since 1979


“One of the most important life lessons that I have learned by studying
Iyengar yoga at Unity Woods is that asana practice with self-awareness
and dedication can be a game changer in diagnosing the root cause of our
illnesses. Under the careful guidance of teachers in this studio, I have adopted a
holistic practice that is fulfilling and spiritual. My practice has
allowed me to face life’s challenges both mental and physical as
opportunities for improvement rather than with fear. Effortless effort,
openness, and mindfulness are embodied in the Iyengar practice taught at
this studio.” [Sandhya]

“This studio and this certain discipline of yoga can be summed up in one sentence: If you are 100% serious about learning yoga, and I mean really learning, and studying the ancient practice, there is only one studio in the D.C. area to attend- Unity Woods.” [Danielle D.]

“I came to Unity Woods as a complete beginner (and not a very coordinated or flexible one, either)- and have been so happy with the improvement in my strength and flexibility.   The staff is very accommodating for those of different ages, sizes, and levels of experience.” [Andrea F.]

“Every class I go to I learn something new, and I love the wealth of experience, expertise and character of all the teachers I have been fortunate enough to take classes with.” [Mei Lin N.]

“I trek up to Bethesda once a week to attend John’s class and he has made adjustments that are so subtle no other teacher ever noticed – but that have transformed my practice.” [Kae W.]

“This studio is the Real Deal. … The process of teacher certification in Iyengar is very long and disciplined, producing teachers who understand the minutiae of the human body, and who can unlock  potential you never knew you had.” [Jesse B.]

“…Unity Woods is peerless. Anyone in any physical condition can be confident of every teacher’s ability, training and knowledge to make correct adjustments…” [Patrice L.]

“This is a studio that has been providing excellent yoga instruction long before the current trend, and it will continue to do so when other yoga studios have closed.” [Emily S.]

“What I came away with was a deeper understanding of yoga, my body, and the way that even the more esoteric philosophical teachings are … represented in the asana practice.” [Kristin M.]

“I’ve heard some people complain that Unity Woods is too intense, as in, serious about yoga.  Well, I can’t disagree with that.  Unity Woods is a full-on Iyengar studio, and I think most of the instructors I’ve had there have studied in India at some point.  But don’t you actually want real yoga, and not fake, trendy, do-it-in-a-mall yoga?  Of course you do.” [Mary Kay S.]

“I’ve been going to this center for 4 years now and have enjoyed every class and instructor.” [Susan S.]

“I was inspired to try this because of a Groupon…and I loved it! From the moment I walked in, the experience was different.  The class size was manageable …and  I could tell there was a strong bond of trust and even friendship between the instructors and the yogis attending class.  This made the atmosphere so positive and calming. Finally, after 3 years in DC, I’ve found my yoga studio!” [Lanster B.]

“This is not trendy yoga. These are not some aerobics teachers that took a weekend training and now consider themselves ‘yoga teachers.’ This is for the serious study of yoga by a studio who has been doing this long before Madonna and the masses. “ [N.S.]

“Great yoga studio!   I have been around many along the southeast coast.  Grounded in the essence of yoga while providing excellent posture classes for a great physical workout and strengthening of ones overall health and constitution.  Best in terms of alignment and individual attention for individual bodies while guiding students into more advanced postures safely (which I cannot say for all advanced yoga classes.)” [Renee R.]

“I have so much energy and joy after each class that I want to jump up and down on my bed…My mind is so fresh the next day, even tho I have to wake up at 5am for work. I’m hooked!” [Thy T.]

“This is by far the best studio I’ve been to in DC. All of the instructors I’ve had are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. As [some] reviewers mentioned the emphasis is on form rather than speed but it allows you to develop a strong foundation for your practice. 5 out of 5 stars.” [Marie R. on Yelp]

“I feel so blessed to have John as my teacher, and having his recordings is really over the top wonderful…It’s amazing how clarifying the recordings are in understanding the teachings, and I am extremely grateful.” [Kathy C. , workshop student]