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Studio News ~ Winter 2018

Iyengar Yoga Teacher Certification is a demanding process. It takes a minimum of three years, usually longer, to obtain an Introductory Teaching Certificate. The higher Levels obviously take even longer. Candidates take a written exam testing knowledge of yoga philosophy, how to care for common ailments in class, and general teaching skills. They are also graded on their performance of asanas appropriate for their level and their teaching of a 40-60 minute class. This assessment is tough, but it produces highly knowledgeable and skilled teachers.

Unity Woods proudly congratulates our teachers who passed Iyengar Yoga Certification assessments which advanced them to higher level teaching certificates.

Doerthe Braun is now an Intermediate Junior III CIYT (Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher). Mary Pappas-Sandonas is now an Intermediate Junior II CIYT. Megan Bowles in now and Intermediate Junior I CIYT.

Two of John’s apprentices, Thierry Chiapello and Julia Zawatsky, and one of Doerthe’s apprentices, Sarah Hull, passed the Introductory assessment and are now Introductory CIYTs.

~~~ In other Studio News ~~~

Carol Cavanaugh has recently been named a Certified Yoga Therapist by the International Association of Yoga Therapists.


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