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Studio News ~ Summer 2017

$195 in total was raised for the “Bellur-Trust”. The money was donated by the participants of Sutra Discussion Group. It will help to further develop Bellur, South India, the birth town of Mr. Iyengar. Thanks to all who have contributed.

John was invited by IYASE (Iyengar Yoga Association of the Southeast) to create the first Home Practice Intermediate Level sequence for their online Home Practice Plan. You can go to iyase.org iyase sequences and click on John Schumacher to download the sequence.

John was asked by The Great Courses, an online study site, to present a half hour class to introduce people to Iyengar Yoga and the use of props. The class can be downloaded by going to www.thegreatcourses.com , choosing the Better Living category, and clicking on “Yoga for a Healthy Mind and Body.”

John was quoted in the 30th Anniversary issue of India Currents magazine as part of an article on “Yoga Antidote to Depression” by Sujata Srinivasan.

Dona Holleman, a world class teacher and major influence in John’s yoga practice, has published a new practice manual, Centered Yoga, The Eight Vital Principles of Practice. When asked to write a review of the manual, John replied that he didn’t have time at that point to read the manual so he couldn’t review it, but would be glad to write a piece about his experiences studying with Dona in the 1980’s. That piece was chosen for the back cover of the book.

Juliana will teach an IYASE sponsored workshop, Yoga to Alleviate Anxiety and/or Depression, at Unity Woods’ Arlington Studio on July 21-23, 2017. See details/register here.

UWYC congratulates RIMYI and and extends our gratitude to the Iyengars on receiving India’s first PM’s award for outstanding contribution in promotion and development of Yoga!


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